Liberty Hill High School held its first Project Graduation celebration in 1988!  This non-profit organization is made up of senior parent volunteers.  

What are the tickets?

Seniors and their parents can earn tickets throughout the year for Volunteering.   The prizes from games are 100% dependent on the money we raise throughout the year. Past prizes have included laptops, TVs, Beats, coffee makers, cameras, electric razors, microwaves, dorm supplies, gift cards, etc.  We have lots of opportunities! All volunteering helps us make more funds for the party which is ALL for SENIORS!


How are we going to pay for this? Fundraising!
We estimate that the party alone will cost $15,000 to $20,000. Of course, we also want to have prizes for the seniors. We need your help to make this year a success!  We have numerous opportunities to help — whether it be volunteering at an event, being a project manager, or obtaining sponsors...  If you have an idea, please contact us!

What is a Project Manager?

We need Project Managers for a lot of our fundraising events!
I am sure you are wondering what is a project manager?  A Project Manager is in charge of an event whether it be Dining for $$$ or 50/50 raffles.  They are responsible for staffing the event, promoting the event, obtaining sponsors, signing up volunteer workers, etc.  While this might sound like a lot, the Board is ready to help!  Our fundraising Board Members, Tiffany Barber and Jessica Callaway will help with any questions you might have.  Our Social Media Board Member, Sami Eller, posts your event on social media and will set up a Sign-Up Genius if needed.  We have Sponsor forms on the website and tracking forms to help keep track of your volunteers.

How do I find out about volunteer opportunities?

Find the current list HERE

We also regularly post volunteer opportunities on social media Facebook, Twitter, this website. 

How do I contact Project Grad?

Our general email address is


Julie Norris:

Vice President: 

Kim Kuykendall:




Christy Hunter:



Jessica Callaway:

Social Media:

Sami Eller:


Julie Norris:

At Large: 


Senior Advisory Committee :

Reece Williams

Kariann Rosser

Ethan Minix

Kari Reinhardt

Caitlin Hunter

Anthony Sierras

Cecilia Pierce

Tyler Callaway

Liberty Hill Project 
Graduation, Inc.

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What is Project Grad anyway?

The short answer is... a safe, drug & alcohol-free graduation party!

MAY 27, 2022  11:00pm-7:00am

Project Grad started in Maine in 1980 after the tragic loss of graduating seniors in drunk driving wrecks.  From April to June 1979, 18 teens lost their lives in drug or alcohol-related incidents.  Seven of the deaths were in Oxford Hills, Maine area... 5 in one wreck alone.

The first Project Graduation was held in Oxford Hills, Maine on June 14, 1980. Not one life was lost that night.  It is impossible to know just how many lives have been saved by Project Graduation events.  

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